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Cheap Bell Boots

Below are inexpensive bell boots for sale on eBay. These boots have a current bid and/or a "buy it now" price of $15.00 or less. The price does not include taxes (which may or may not apply), or shipping. Some (but not all) of the bell boots include free shipping. The prices are affordable, and there are usually lots of choices. A cheap bell boot does not necessarily mean it is a poor quality boot.

Please scroll down for a short article on why a horse may need bell boots.

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Bell Boots: What They Do

Bell boots, also called overreach boots, are protective boots for horses that protect the the bulbs of the heel and coronary band during hard or active riding such as barrel racing, roping, etc. Because a horse may interfere during these times ("interfering" is when a horse accidentally strikes itself with one of its own legs) bell boots are often used as a precautionary measure. Bell boots are designed to protect a horse if it should strike one front leg against the other, or if a hind leg should reach up (overreach) and step on a front leg. While bell boots can be put on all four legs it is far more common for horses to wear them on the front legs only.

At right: Splint boots and bell boots.

Bell boots on a horse

Bell Boots and The Coronary Band

The coronary band, sometimes also called the cornary band or coronet band, is a band of tissue circling a horse's leg just above the hoof. The coronary band is the source from which the hoof wall grows. An injury to the coronary band can sometimes result in irregular hoof growth and/or an unsound hoof wall. Due to this risk of injury many horse people protect the coronary band on their horses during exercise or competition by using protective boots such as bell boots.

At right: The yellow arrows point to the coronary band as it circles the hoof. The blue arrows point to the bulbs of the heel. You can see an old scar on the leg that damaged the coronary band, but not severely. Bell boots for horses protect these sensitive areas.

Bell boots

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