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Rodeo Gear For Sale

Below are free search results to rodeo gear, new and used, on eBay now. The items include rodeo chaps, protective vests, bull ropes, helmets, and much more.

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Rodeo Gear Savvy

When shopping for the following rodeo gear on eBay, the information below may be helpful or at least help to remind you of information you will want from the seller.

Rodeo Chaps - Most of the rodeo chaps we've seen on eBay are new, but some of them are used. If the rodeo chaps are used make sure the seller's photos and description clearly show the condition of the chaps. Used bronc and bull riding chaps may have taken quite a beating, or they could be in excellent shape. In particular, is the fringe in good condition? If the chaps are new you will find that many eBay sellers are dealers or custom makers, and they may customize the chaps for you. If you have questions, ask the seller before you bid.

Protective Vests - While eBay frequently has new protective vests listed for sale, they also usually have a good selection of used ones. Since some roughstock riders retire quickly after only few rides eBay is a great place to get good deals on used equipment in excellent condition, but you need to shop wisely. If the vest you are looking at is used, be sure the seller is very clear on its description and shows you excellent photos. Is the Velcro or other closures intact? What is the outer shell made of (Cordura, leather, etc.). What is the inner protective material (high density foam, Spectra Shield, etc.)? Have the pockets been torn or damages? If the vest is new you will find that many eBay sellers are dealers for rodeo gear, and they may be able to get a customized vest for you. If you have questions, ask the seller before you bid.

Bull Riding Ropes - Is the bull rope new or used? What is is made of (polypropylene, etc.)? Is the rope right or left handed? How long is it? Is is 7 plait, 9 plait, a combination, etc.? If the rope is used, is there any fraying in the rope? Does it come with a pad (hint: usually not)?

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