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An Australian saddle, also called an Australian stock saddle, is a saddle who's design and use originated in the country of Australia. However, while the saddle may have originated in Australia it is popular and in use all over the world. It is commonly used for trail riding, endurance riding, working cattle, and more. The Australian saddle is designed for both a secure seat and comfort. While Australian saddles can and do vary in design, they typically offer comfort, and a secure seat for riding in rough terrain.

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Stockman Bush Rider Australian Saddle

Stockman Bush Rider Australian Saddle

This comfort ride stock saddle is designed for rugged use under extreme conditions. Perfect for trail or competitive endurance riders. The deep seat keeps the rider secure and forward in the seat. Handsome mahogany finished leather and durable brass hardware give an added touch of elegance. Complete with 4inch fenders 4 bar irons overgirth and undergirth

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Brand: JT International

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