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Below are team penning saddles (also called penning saddles) available from HorseSaddleShop.

For a brief description of team penning, and a photo, please scroll down toward the bottom of the page for our short article "Team Penning Competition."

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16inch Dakota Penning Roping Saddle FQHB USA Made 9555

16inch Dakota Penning Roping Saddle FQHB USA Made 9555

Dakota gives you a beautiful custom-made saddle that's strong enough for penning and roping but lightweight enough to ensure your horse can work his best. You'll love the comfortable bicycle seat. The strong fiberglass covered tree will take all the heat you can give it and the golden leather will still look great after you attempt to wear it out. Double stainless steel rigging resists rust. Take a look at the spot maple leaf tooling with black inlay and the Montana Silversmith conchos. Beautiful
Tree: Fiberglass covered Full Quarter Horse bars with 5 Year Warranty
Seat: 16inch bicycle
Leather: Spot carve maple leaf with black inlay Montana Silversmiths conchos
Horn: Standard post roper 3 3/4inch high 2 1/4inch cap
Rigging: Close contact with stainless steel inskirt 7/8 position
Cantle: 4inch Leather
Stirrup leathers: 2 1/2inch with Blevins Buckles
Weight: Approximately 35 lbs Read More


Brand: Dakota


16inch Dakota Penning Saddle

16inch Dakota Penning Saddle

Dakota craftsmen ensure you the best penning performance with this light-weight saddle. The close contact skirt with stainless steel inskirt rigging ensures a comfortable connection between you and the movements of your horse's back. This saddle features a standard roper horn leather laced stirrups and a suede seat. The light oil leather has been hand tooled in a basketweave design

Tree: Fiberglass covered QuarterHorse Bars with five year warranty
Seat: 16inch suede covered
Leather: Light oiled with basketweave tooling
Horn: Standard post roper 3 1/4inch high 2 1/4inch cap
Rigging: Close contact with stainless steel inskirt
Cantle: 4inch Leather silver laced
Stirrup leathers: 2 1/5inch with leather covered buckles
Weight: Approximately 35 lbs Read More


Brand: Dakota


16inch 17inch Dakota Penning Roper Saddle FQHB

16inch 17inch Dakota Penning Roper Saddle FQHB

Tree: Steele Equi-Fit. Fiberglass Covered Quarterhorse Bars. 5 Years Warranty Full Bars Available.
Horn: Standard Post 3-3/4inch High 2-1/4inch Cap
Rigging: Double Stainless Steel Dees 7/8inch Position.
Cantle: 5inch
Stirrup Leathers: 3inch with Blevins Buckles
Pommel: Swept Back;Beartrap
Weight: Approx 35lbs Read More


Brand: Dakota

Team Penning Competition

Team penning is a competitive event in which a team of two riders sort cattle from one pen through an opening (the "gate") into another pen. The cattle used in team penning are each clearly identified by individual numbers (often by using large, numbered collars worn around the neck), and each team must sort one specific calf at a time, according to its number. When that calf is through the gate and into the adjoining pen the team then moves on to the next calf to sort, working in numerical order. The winning team is the team that sorts the most cattle from one pen to the other in the fastest amount of time.

At right, the team member in the orange shirt has just sorted a black calf through the gate and into the adjoining pen. He's now turning his horse back to the herd (which can't be seen in the photo) to sort out the next calf.

Team penning

The man in the yellow and blue shirt is the gate man. It is his job to allow only the correct calf through the gate, and to stop any wrong calves.

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