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Synthetic English Saddles

A synthetic English saddle is a saddle made from materials (all or in part) other than leather.

Synthetic saddles are known for being long lasting, affordable, lightweight, and requiring a minimum of care. The materials used to make a synthetic English saddle will often include materials such a Equileather and Beta BioThane, or a mix of several materials.

Synthetic saddles made of Equileather or Beta BioThane (or similar materials) can be cleaned with a damp cloth or rinsed off with a hose, do not require oiling, repel water and sweat, and remain flexible in cold temperatures.

Synthetic English Saddles For Sale

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

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What Is A Synthetic Saddle Made Of?

You might like our article describing some of the common materials synthetic saddles are made of.

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About eBay's Feedback System

eBay is famous for its highly successful feedback system. Each item for sale on eBay shows how many transactions (buying and selling) a particular seller has had on eBay, and the seller's feedback information. Below is a description of the "Seller info" area on eBay:

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