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Buffalo Saddlery Roping Saddle & Trophy Western Equitation Show Saddle - $1 USD

Tack For Sale in Florida

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1. Buffalo Saddlery 16" Roping Saddle, FQHB, 7" Gullet, New Stirrups n Silver Accents that's in really good condition, $275   2. Western Pleasure Equitation Show Saddle!   It's a 16" padded seat, FQHB, 7" gullet, 27 1/2" skirt, this is a really nice, heavy saddle w/ real Silver Accents n Jerry Hull only made saddles from 1994 when he first opened his shop till he sadly passed away in 2004 at which time his family closed the business because he is the one who made these Fully Tooled, Custom Made Saddles so without him they decided that was the best thing to do.   https://okqha.org/jerry-hull/   The heart of the Trophy Tack workshop is its saddle-making area. Beginning with half of a cowhide of leather, the dozens of pieces of the saddle are cut from a pattern designed to fit each horse and rider. The pieces are cut and decorated, and then some of them are sewn together. The pieces then are dampened and fitted onto a rawhide-covered tree that forms the saddle seat into the desired shape. Some of the trees themselves are custom-made for an individual buyer. After they have been allowed to dry for 24 hours, the saddle pieces are removed from the tree and assembled into the final product. Each saddle takes about 120 man-hours to make over a period of at least three weeks, Hull said. Hull has made some adaptations to the traditional saddle design that he thinks give the competitive rider a more comfortable ride. This particular saddle was the higher end saddle new at $4,500 with the silver, size and custom work done on it you won't find another saddle like this one, $900


Type of tack Western Pleasure Equitation Show Saddle
Condition of tack Gently Used

Price   $1 USD



Tampa , Florida 33612




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