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good looking buckskin that you can show off  - $1,300 USD

Buckskin Gelding

Horse for sale in California

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  • Gelding
  • Buckskin
  • 9
  • 15.2


If you have been looking for a well broke, good looking buckskin that you can show off on, here he is. Blevins is the color that every cowboy loves, zebra striping on his legs and faint dapples, he gets attention everywhere we take him. Not only is Blevins the perfect color, but he is perfectly built, at 15.2 hh and close to 1250 pounds, with a huge hip, wide chest, plenty of bone and beautiful head and neck. Blevins is 9 years old. Blevins is honest and gentle with absolutely no buck, and you can count on him to be the same horse every time you ride him, even if its only on the weekends. He has been used on the trail and day worked off, sorted pairs, ponied colts, and tagged and doctored calves. He is an excellent trail horse and would make a darn good heel horse, but he is just as happy riding for pleasure out in the pasture or carrying a flag in your local parade. Blevins would also excel at SHOT or team sorting. He is athletic and handy, but rides quietly. He has an excellent handle and will drag his rear end in the ground when he stops. Blevins is a pleasure to ride out in the pasture, crosses water with no problem, and is not spooky. He knows his leads, has a smooth jog that you could sit to all day long, and a rocking horse lope. Blevins will side pass, work a gate and easily move off of your leg. He is light mouthed and turns around nicely. He can be ridden by himself or in a large group of horses with no problem. Blevins will leave the group willingly and will happily lead or follow. We have ridden him down the road and in traffic and nothing bothers him. Pls send pm and see more photos and videos of horses from our website. www.geldinglovers.com

Price   $1,300 USD



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