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Tiveos Red Snapper - $8,500 USD

Red Dun Quarter Horse Gelding

Horse for sale in Kansas

> Info Ad Number: 31467


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  • Quarter Horse
  • Gelding
  • Red Dun
  • 7
  • 14.1


"Tiveo's Red Snapper" is a 2010 model super cute dun gelding That stands 14.1 hands. He's very quick, athletic and super broke! He's been ridden in the Feed yard all summer and I've doctored tons of yearlings on him. He's coming along really nice in the calf and team roping and has already been hauled and won money in the heeling. Wants to work a lot of rope and will make a big time calf roper when finished! Pm me or contact me for more info @ 7858443569

Price   $8,500 USD



Strong City, Kansas 66869

Second phone 785-844-3569

Facebook Page



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