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Black Percheron Gelding

Horse for sale in Montana

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  • Percheron
  • Gelding
  • Black
  • 9
  • 16.2


Dark Bay Percheron x Thoroughbred Gelding, 9 years old, 16.2 hands tall, 1500 lbs. 

Dawson is a big, very handsome horse who has been there and done that. Excellent conformation & temperament, Dawson has been extensively schooled in several disciplines including:  Dressage, Trail, All Around Ranch, Western and English equitation. Dawson can be ridden out by himself on the trails, he has a ground covering walk.  He is not spooky and can be ridden in town just as easily as on the trail or in the arena. Dawson is an excellent arena horse and he has been schooled up to 2nd level dressage with an aptitude to be brought along even further in the dressage arena. He has successfully shown in training and 1st level dressage with scores in the high 60% range. Dawson also neck reins very nicely and goes into Western Dressage effortlessly.  His ground work in the round pen is excellent, he is very responsive and learns new skills easily.  Anyone can ride and handle Dawson without difficulty.  He has a very easygoing temperament and because of that he has been used as a lessons horse for several beginning dressage riders.  Last summer Dawson spent a week at Horse Masters Camp which was held at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana.  During camp, he was ridden in several clinics including a jumping clinic conducted by Daniel Stewart.  Dawson excels at everything he does and he was a big hit at Horse Masters camp. Dawson will make an exceptional show horse and has been complimented by show judges, clinicians, trainers and riders. Some of the clinics he has been ridden in include:  Charles de Kunffy (Arizona) Daniel Stewart (Florida), Meggan Holloway (Montana), Tom Ordway (Idaho), Sara Mittleider (Idaho) and Beth Glosten (Washington). Dawson is a well seasoned traveler having traveled over 4,000 miles round trip (Montana to Arizona, the Mexican border and back to Montana) spending the winter of 2016 in Arizona where we were camped out on a 7,000 acre working cattle ranch just 5 miles from the Mexican border, and we rode the ranch daily checking the cattle, the water lines/ponds, windmills and many miles of fencing. During our stay in Arizona, Dawson was ridden in several Charles de Kunffy certified clinics in Sonoita, Arizona and he was ridden by several German exchange students during these clinics. Dawson also was ridden extensively on the Arizona Trail, covering well over 100 miles of the Arizona Trail during the time we spent in Arizona. Dawson is a very easy horse to manage; he stands quietly at the mounting block for mounting and dismounting, loads/unloads in the trailer easily, quiet with the farrier, easy to bathe/clip, and easy for the vet to work with.  He is up-to-date on all vaccines $14500.00 Call 406-531-4699 for pictures

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Corvallis, Montana 59828



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