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TRAIL APHA mare - $950 USD

Tobiano Paint - Tobiano Mare

Horse for sale in Ohio

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  • Paint - Tobiano
  • Mare
  • Tobiano
  • 18
  • 15.1


This N I C E mare needs a new home!!  This IS your "i can ride" husbands/brothers/sons/uncles/significant others trail horse :)  (but she'll ride a woman too:)  Rides the same everyday whether you ride once a week or once a year. No lunging necessary. Up/down hills carefully, crosses water, bridges, roads, traffic safe, no spook!  Ties, crossties, picketlines,camps overnight, rides out alone or with group and will lead or follow or get smashed inbetween.  Will w/t/c nicely out in the wide open w/out taking off. Fine with no other horses or a zillion others. Good in crowds and fine with loud speakers. If you are looking for a trail horse, this IS your girl.     She has been used a w/t contest horse the last year and because of that, she has this thought that says when you enter an arena you are wanting her to trot quicky.  She's NOT hot, just has a sense of urgency in the arena setting. Still waks in/out of arena. If you are looking for a walk/trot contest horse, this IS your girl.     If you are looking for a pleasure horse, this is NOT your girl unless you wanna put in the time over the next few months to retrain her brain that the arena does not mean quick, teach her some collection, and get her a headset.    Just had her teeth and feet done.  Needs a few more groceries but now that her teeth are done, she's slowly putting on weight. No weaving or cribbing.  Can stay in or go out. NOT marish.  Does load fine, but doesn't like to back out. Barefoot now with good feet, but would suggest front shoes if trail riding on rock/gravel.   She is what she is and she's good at what she's good at and at 18 yrs of age, I see no reason to try and change her.  She enjoys trail riding and she's good at it.  If you want an arena horse, they're are many others out there more suitable for that. No maintaince required and this horse has MANY more good riding years left in her.      Although I havent' looked it up, I do not believe she's had any foals.  However, since she is registered w/a nice set of foundation papers, I see no reason she couldn't make a nice broodmare.  She has height, superb bone, long neck, cute head, balance, and good movement. She's on allbreedpedigree under Boot Scootin Lakota.

Price   $950 USD



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