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Stunning blue roan tennessee walker, reg TWHBEA gelding 6 yrs old,  - $2,600 USD

Blue Roan Tennessee Walker Gelding

Horse for sale in Pennsylvania

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  • Tennessee Walker
  • Gelding
  • Blue Roan
  • 6
  • 15.2


Dillon is a 15.2 h beautiful blue raon sabino tennessee walker gelding who is reg TWHBEA, he's 6 yrs old, and loves to be taken out on the trails, he has had 4 months professional traing on the ground, in the saddle and on the trails!

He is a horse that gets noticed.. he has the loud coloring , nice size with a docile disposition, and he goes wherever you point him!
Loads, crosses water, goes on tight trails, roads, bridges, been up and down the mountains, is not a spooky horse at all, cross ties, high line ties, stands to be tacked up, loves being groomed and his bathes, easy to deworm and give shots to, good for the farrier!
He comes right up to you in the pasture for you to put his halter on so catching him to ride is not a problem!

He has not been ridden much in the past 2 yrs as our daughter was in nursing school and is now moving out of state so we are listing him 4 sale to a good home!

He'd be good for anyone who knows how to ride, our daughter comes and just saddles him up and goes on trails around here, he does call for his buddies and want to turn toward them the 1st 15 min if he can hear of see them, after that he just goes wherever you point him, nothing bad!

He's just to nice a horse to be a pasture ornament.. what he needs is someone who would take good care of him and just take him out and ride him, he has been with us sence birth and has always been healthy and sound!

We are open to serious offers on him to a good loving home only!  Out of state buyers do need to pay for his health chart and coggins, around $100 with the farm call!

Please call me if you don't get a reply as our internet goes out all the time and then I can't check my messages, thanks!

Price   $2,600 USD



Tionesta, Pennsylvania 16353





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