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Safe safe Christmas pony

Kirksville, Missouri

Safe safe Christmas pony

If your favorite little cowpoke in your life is asking Santa for a real live pony.  Santa would like you to check out  Woody Wood Pecker. He is at Lazy Creek Ranch  in Kirksville...

Pony Missouri $1,500 USD
Spotted saddle horse

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Spotted saddle horse

Sent to trainer.  Did great.  Came home... rode a couple times with no problems.  Left her in the field for about 3 weeks without riding.  Big problem.  She needs refresher...

- Missouri $900 USD
Sweet and willing mustang

Warrenton, Missouri

Sweet and willing mustang

Mustang - 2 year old bay mare from Beatty's Butte, Oregon.  She is curious, eager and willng to try anything.  She has been gently trained: leads, loads in a trailer, can lift all four...

Mustang Missouri $0.00 USD
Mustang - CLASSY and ELEGANT

Warrenton, Missouri

Mustang - CLASSY and ELEGANT

Kayah is an 8 year old mustang mare from Antelope Nevada.  She is always paying attention and doesn't miss a trick.  She is an eager learner and likes new things.  She has been gently...

Mustang Missouri $0.00 USD



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