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Abetta Brushpopper Trail Saddle

The Abetta Brushpopper trail saddle is lightweight, easy to clean, durable, and easy on the eyes as well as the budget.

The Brushpopper has a high cantle, padded seat, endurance stirrups, and lots of D-rings for attaching your trail riding gear. It also features tough, scratch resistant 1000 denier nylon in its construction to make it lighter weight, easier to clean, and less expensive than leather trail riding saddles. Abetta Saddlery makes their saddles in the USA.

Below: The Abetta Brushpopper trail riding saddle from Horse Saddle Shop.

An Abetta Brushpopper trail riding saddle image. Used with permission.

Comparison Shop For The Abetta Brushpopper Saddle

Below are Brushpopper trail saddles by Abetta Saddlery for sale from Horse Saddle Shop, State Line Tack, eBay, and sometimes Amazon. In our experience, Horse Saddle Shop (which also uses the name “eSaddles”) typically has the most competitive prices.

From eBay, Amazon, HorseSaddleShop, and More

Below are Abetta Brushpopper saddles for sale on eBay along with other Abetta trail riding saddles.

See more Abetta Brushpopper trail saddles on eBay

More About The Abetta Brushpopper

The Abetta Brushpopper trail saddle is a lightweight (approximately 18 pounds) trail riding saddle with heavy,¬†denier nylon used in its construction. This helps make the Brush Popper lightweight, tear resistant, and many times more durable than other “tough” fabrics such as cotton duck, standard polyester, and standard nylon.

A few details about the Abetta Brush Popper saddle:

  • Tree: Ralide in Regular or Wide
  • Horn: 3 1/4″
  • Rigging: 7/8¬† w/ stainless dees
  • Cantle Height: 4.5″ (regular tree) or 5.5″ (wide tree)
  • Swell Width: 12″
  • Stirrups: 4″ Endurance
  • Weight: Approximately 18 pounds

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