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Bosal - Defined

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Bosal - A bosal is a piece of equipment put on a horse's head to communicate with it while it is being ridden. A bosal, when used with a hanger and mecate, is called a hackamore.

The three main parts of a hackamore are:

Bosal: A bosal with a hanger and mecate; used together this is known as a hackamore.

A bosal on a horse

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How A Bosal Works

Bosals have a large knot at the back, behind the horse's chin. The knot provides weight so that when a rider touches the mecate the shift in weight and direction is noticeable to the horse. Horses have extremely sensitive noses and chins, and a well-trained horse can easily feel even subtle cues from the mecate through the bosal.

Bosals come in a variety of diameters, with the largest diameters usually used on the greenest (most inexperienced) horses and the smaller diameters on more advanced horses.


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