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Ladies Spurs For Sale

Below are ladies spurs and spur straps for sale on eBay. There usually an excellent selection of ladies spurs, new and used, to choose from. Please scroll down for information the difference between ladies and men's spurs, shank length and shape, and more.

Ladies Spurs And Other Spurs: Fun Stuff To Know

Ladies Spurs vs. Men's Spurs
Women's spurs are different than men's spurs due to their width. A woman's spur is narrower to accommodate a woman's smaller and narrower foot. However, in many cases a woman can wear a spur not specifically designed for a woman.

Shank Length and Shape
For spurs to be ideally suited to a rider and horse the length of the shank can be important. You will want the shank to be long enough to easily reach the side of the horse without being overly long and making it too easy for the rider to bump the horse with the spur by accident.

That means if a rider's legs happen to be the right length to make the rider's heels fall even with the horse's sides, they won't need a spur with much of a shank. Their heels are already in the right place and they won't have to "reach" for the horse. However, if a rider's legs are long enough that their heels hang below the horse's sides, the shanks of the spurs should be longer so it takes less movement on the part of the rider to close the distance gap. The shanks can also curve upward to help make it easier to reach the horse.

Jingle Bobs
Jingle bobs (or jingle-bobs, with a hyphen) are pieces of metal, usually tear-drop shaped, that dangle from the rowel of the spur and make a jingly sound.

Bumper Spurs
Bumper spurs are a style of spur that don't have shanks or rowel. Instead, they have a "bumper" that goes along the inside (the side next to the horse) of the spur.


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