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Western Saddles

We can show you an excellent selection of Western saddles for sale such as barrel saddles, ranch and roping saddles, trail saddles, mule saddles, and more. Saddle brands include such famous makers as Billy Cook, Circle Y, Crates, Court’s, Dakota, Fabtron, and others. In addition, many of the pages below also have information about saddles, horses, or ponies. For a little bit of trivia about Western saddles, please scroll down this page beneath the saddles for sale.

Below are Western saddles from a variety of major sellers including eBay, HorseSaddleShop, StateLineTack, and Amazon.

Shop For Western Saddles By Type Or Brand

An A fork saddle
A Fork Saddles
A fork saddles for sale, and information on the difference between slick forks and swell forks.



A barrel racing saddle
Barrel Racing Saddles
Barrel saddles from Billy Cook, Circle Y, Dakota, and more.



A Billy Cook saddle
Billy Cook Saddles
Roping saddles, trail saddles, barrel saddles, and more by Billy Cook.



A Circle Y saddle
Circle Y Saddles
Barrel, trail, and more saddles by Circle Y Saddlery.



Cordura endurance saddle
Cordura Saddles
Saddles made with Cordura and/or other tough, durable, lightweight, materials.



Crates Saddles
Trail saddles, reining saddles, and other fine saddles from Crates Saddlery.



Cutting horse saddle and rider
Cutting Horse Saddles
Cutting saddles for sale as well as a brief description of cutting horse competition.



Dakota saddles for sale
Dakota Saddles
Affordable, quality saddles for sale by Dakota Saddlery.



Saddles of every kind for sale on eBay.



Endurance Saddle
Saddles made for the competitive sport of Endurance riding.



Fabtron Saddles
Fabtron saddles are known for their quality and affordable prices.



Flex Tree Saddles
A “flex tree saddle” has saddle tree bars that flex with the horse.



A saddle demonstrating full quarter horse bars
Full Quarter Horse Bars
Saddles with full quarter horse bars, and information about what that means.



A saddled Haflinger horse
Haflinger Saddles
Saddles to fit Haflingers or other horses of similar build.



A mule in a saddle walking down a rocky slope
Mule Saddles
A mule saddle looks like a horse saddle in many ways, but it is made to fit a mule’s conformation.



A pony saddle
Pony Saddles
Pony saddles for sale, as well as information on what ponies are, why a pony saddle is different than horse saddle.



Ranch Saddles
Ranch saddles are built to endure riding in rough terrain and roping.



A roping saddle on a gray horse
Roping Saddles
Roping saddles from Billy Cook, Dakota, and more.



A trail saddle on a horse
Trail Riding Saddles
Trail riding saddles for sale from Billy Cook, Circle Y, Dakota, Fabtron, Tucker, and more. You might also be looking for trail riding saddles for short backed horses.



Tucker Saddles
Tucker saddles are famous for trail riding comfort and quality.



A Wade ranch saddle
Wade Saddles
Wade saddles for sale. Wade saddles are best known for being loved by working cowboys and cowgirls on the ranch, but are also popular with riders everywhere.



Saddles For Sale On eBay


Western Saddles For Sale: Beyond The Working Cowboy

Today, most modern Western saddles for sale have two distinctive innovations brought about by the needs of the working cowboy: The saddle horn and the double rigging. These two features remain on most Western saddles because they are useful for other things beyond the cowboy’s needs. They are a distinct part of what makes a saddle a Western saddle. Those two Western saddle features are:

  • The saddle horn. Saddle horns, perhaps best known as the place a cowboy dallies or ties their rope, are useful for other things, too. They’re handy when mounting or dismounting, and they’re a great place to hang items you want to keep handy. They can also be held to help keep a rider’s body position exactly where they want it (such as when turning a barrel in barrel racing, sliding off a horse while steer wrestling, riding a cutting horse, or riding up and down steep slopes when trail riding).
  • Double riggings. A “double rigged” saddle means it has a front cinch and a back cinch. (Most modern Western saddles come with a place for a back cinch even though some riders don’t use it.) Double riggings provide extra stability to keep a saddle where it should be when it’s used for the same examples we just shared (above), and for other reasons as well.

Below: A modern Western saddle with a saddle horn and double rigging. This saddle is for trail riding.

A modern Western saddle

So, whether it’s for the working cowboy or cowgirl or a wide variety of other types of Western riding disciplines, most modern Western saddles offered for sale are true to their roots and built with a saddle horn and double rigging.