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Ranch Saddles

A ranch saddle is one of the working cowboy’s most important tools, made to handle the stress placed on a horse and saddle when roping cattle of all sizes. They’re also designed for comfort for both horse and rider during long hours of riding in rough ranch country.

Below are ranch saddles for sale. We have more information on ranch saddles toward the bottom of this page.

A working cowboy's ranch saddle

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Ranch Saddles – Good Things To Know Before You Buy

  • On eBay, make sure a saddle described as a ranch saddle is actually a ranch saddle. Sometimes you and even an honest seller can disagree about what type of a saddle a certain saddle is. Make sure it’s really type kind of saddle you would like to have.
  • Look carefully at all the picture(s) of the saddle. You can eliminate a lot of surprises later by taking a close look at everything.
  • What does, or does not, come with the saddle? Fo example, maybe you get a latigo but not a cinch or breast collar. However, some saddles come as a set with matching accessories. Read the description so you know exactly what you are, and are not, getting.
  • Read the description so you know things about the saddle such as:
    • Type of saddle tree (rawhide covered, bull hide covered, Quarter Horse bars, full Quarter horse bars, Wade tree, etc.)
    • Type of rigging (full, 7/8, in-skirt, out-skirt, dropped or flat plate, etc.)
    • The hardware on the saddle (stainless steel, brass, something else, etc.)
    • The height and type of saddle horn (post horn, short post horn, etc.)
    • The size and style of the swell (aka the pommel)
    • The height and style of the cantle
    • Seat size (15 inch, 16 inch, etc.)
    • Type of seat (hard seat, padded seat, roughout or slick, etc.)
    • How much the saddle weighs
    • Tooling, if any
    • Finish (medium oil, dark oil, etc.)

Ranch Saddle Riggings

Thanks to the needs of the working cowboy, riggings on most ranch saddles today are either “full-rigged,” “7/8 rigged,” or “3/4 rigged.” This means that the front cinch is farther forward toward the front of the saddle than an older style of rigging called “center fire.” Full-rigged, 7/8 rigged, and 3/4 rigged saddles are designed to handle the force and stress of roping, both on the saddle and on the horse.

Below: Rigging positions on ranch saddles.

Ranch saddle riggings

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