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Dakota Wade Saddles

Dakota Wade saddles for sale. Dakota makes two ranch saddles with a Wade saddle tree, and a trail saddle with a Wade tree.

Dakota saddlery is located in Ider, AL, USA. They are known for high quality saddles and tack at working cowboy prices.

From eBay and HorseSaddleShop

HorseSaddleShop is a huge saddle dealer located in Bremen, Indiana, and almost always has Dakota Wade saddles in stock and ready to ship the same business day. You can see their Dakota Wade saddles in the items below.

NOTE: Make sure any saddles below from eBay are actually made by Dakota and/or are Dakota Wades. If there aren’t any Dakota Wades on eBay, another saddle might be shown.

About HorseSaddleShop

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Dakota Wade saddles are
A "Made In the USA" logo for Dakota Wade saddles

What Makes A Wade Saddle A Wade?

A Wade saddle is defined by the style of fork in the saddle tree. In case you need a reminder, a saddle’s “fork” is located at the very front of the saddle. (The saddle horn sits on top of the fork.) In a Western saddle the fork is also called the “swells,” or occasionally, the “pommel.”

Below: A Wade saddle with an arrow pointing to the saddle fork.

An arrow pointing to the fork of a Wade saddle

While there are not any industry standards for what makes a Wade saddle a Wade, two things are commonly agreed upon:

  • The style of the slick saddle fork.
  • The style of the wide diameter, wood saddle horn that is built into the saddle tree (as opposed to a horn that is added separately to the tree). In addition, because of the design of a Wade saddle’s fork, the horn is closer to the horse’s back than in other types of saddle trees.

Wade saddles commonly share additional design characteristics such as a durable saddle tree made for roping, and a deep seat with a high cantle. However, these and other characteristics can and do vary from one Wade saddle to another.

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