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Fabtron Trail Riding Saddles

USA made Fabtron trail riding saddles are known for their comfort, fit, and durability.

Fabtron Saddlery uses the most up-to-date and top-of-the-line saddle trees manufactured. Fit and comfort should be key considerations when purchasing a new trail saddle, which is why Fabtron saddles are built on the latest designs and best fitting trees available. They are made in the USA at Maryville, Tennessee. For information about saddle tree bars and a little more information about the Fabtron company, please scroll down beneath the saddles for sale.

Below: A Fabtron trail riding saddle from HorseSaddleShop.

A Fabtron trail riding saddle image. Used with permission.

Comparison Shop Fabtron Trail Saddles

Below are Fabtron trail saddles for sale from several major online sellers. This page makes it easy to compare prices and selection between them.

From eBay, HorseSaddleShop, and Amazon

See more Fabtron trail saddles on HorseSaddleShop

See more Fabtron trail saddles on eBay

A Little About Saddle Tree Bars

Saddle tree bars are often described as semi-quarter horse bars, quarter horse bars, and full quarter horse bars. These terms refer to the width of the saddle tree and the corresponding angle of the bars. Here is a comparison of the terms:

  • Semi-quarter horse bars have the narrowest saddle tree and the steepest bar angles.
  • Quarter horse bars are wider and have slightly flatter bar angles.
  • Full quarter horse bars (FQH or FQHB) have the widest tree with the flattest bar

Even though the phrase “Quarter horse” is used in these terms, it’s important to understand that saddle trees described like this are meant for horses of any breed and not just Quarter Horses.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there is not an industry wide standard for the bar width and angle of semi-quarter horse bars, quarter horse bars, and full quarter horse bars. Saddle trees with these descriptions can, and do, vary from one saddle maker to another.

About Fabtron Saddlery

Established in 1977, Fabtron makes a large line of quality saddles and tack for horses. Located in Maryville, Tennessee, they work out of a 45,000 square feet facility for manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping. Fabtron is known for their popular line of saddles and tack offered at competitive prices.

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