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Trail Riding Saddles

Below are trail riding saddles for sale from several major online sources. Our website lets you easily compare saddle features and prices from sellers across the Web. Trail riding saddles are made with comfort for both horse and rider in mind, even after lots of hours on the trail in the saddle.

A saddled trail rider rides a horse on a wooded trail
A trail rider rides through a hilly, wooded area.

Shop For Trail Saddles By Specifications

There are a lot of great trail saddles on the market to choose from, and comparing them can be time consuming and confusing. We hope the following chart of saddle specifications helps you on your search.

NOTE: The information on this page is NOT guaranteed to be correct! We did our best to do accurate research but mistakes could have been made, or saddle information could have changed. It’s up to you to verify any information you find here.

Please look underneath the following table for a legend explaining the shorthand shown (R, W, etc.).

Abetta Beach Ride174"Round
Circle Y MonarchTrail / Arena323.5"FullR,W
Circle Y Topeka294"FullR,W,EW
Circle Y Walnut Grove265"RoundR,W (Wade)
Circle Y Wind River323.5"RoundR,W
Fabtron Cross Trail225"Round
Tucker Big Bend294.5"Full or RoundM,W,EW
Tucker Cheyenne Frontier283.5"Full or RoundM,W,EW
Tucker High Plains265.5"Full or RoundM,W,EW,FB M
Tucker Pine Ridge - Mule285"Semi-roundM,W (Mule)
Tucker Horizon Trail Head314"FullM,W,EW
  • Wt. – Weight in pounds. All weights shown are approximate.
  • Cantle – Cantle height in inches.
  • Skirt – Saddle skirt shape.
  • Tree – Saddle tree widths:
    • R – Regular
    • W – Wide
    • EW – Extra wide
    • M – Medium
    • FB M – The Tucker website describes an “FB medium” tree as: “For a flatter barrel, or slab sided, conformation typical in gaited horses.”