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Billy Cook Paycheck Supreme

The Paycheck Supreme Billy Cook barrel racing saddle offers the demanding barrel racer quality, craftsmanship, and great looks.

For details about the Paycheck Supreme please scroll down beneath the saddles for sale.

Below: A Billy Cook Paycheck Supreme barrel saddle from HorseSaddleShop.

A Billy Cook barrel racing saddle, the Paycheck Supreme image. Used with permission.

Comparison Shop For Billy Cook Paycheck Supreme

The Billy Cook Paycheck Supreme barrel saddles below are for sale from Amazon, HorseSaddleShop, State Line Tack, and Horse. com.

  • Inventory varies. Not all sellers have this saddle all the time.
  • Click on any saddle to see available options, if any, for seat size, tree, etc.

About The Paycheck Supreme On HorseSaddleShop

  • HorseSaddleShop is one of the largest saddle dealers in the country. Almost every saddle they carry is in stock and ships the same day.
  • Most of the saddles shown are new, but some might be used.
  • Shipping is almost always included in the price for locations in the continental USA.
  • Many (most?) of their saddles have customer reviews, which can provide helpful information when you’re shopping for a saddle.

From Amazon, Horse .com, and StateLineTack

Billy Cook Barrel Saddles On eBay – All

Billy Cook Barrel Saddles On HorseSaddleShop – All

Billy Cook Barrel Saddles On Amazon – All

About The Paycheck Supreme

The Paycheck Supreme barrel racing saddle by Billy Cook is a classic. Here is more information about this saddle:

  • Tree: CJ Barrel Racer
  • Bars: Quarter Horse bars
  • Color: Natural gold
  • Seat: Suede, rust/maroon color
  • Tooling: Basket/floral tooling with roughout jockey and fenders
  • Rigging: 7/8 in-skirt
  • Cantle: 5 inch cantle with Cheyenne roll with tooled overlay
  • Horn: 3 inch braided rawhide
  • Stirrups: 2 inch rawhide bell stirrups
  • Weight: Approximately 27 – 28 pounds

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