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Lady Trail Saddles

A lady trail riding saddle is built with the woman trail rider in mind. Lady riders (and some men) are more comfortable in a trail saddle designed for a woman’s body.

While designs vary, lady trail saddles are typically built on a saddle tree designed for a female trail rider, to be lighter in weight, and with a cantle to support her back. Below are lady trail riding saddles from Fabtron, Circle Y, and more. For additional information about trail saddles for lady riders, please scroll down beneath the saddles for sale.

Below: A lady trail rider.

A lady trail rider with her horse and saddle

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Below are lady trail saddles for sale from major online sellers.

From eBay and HorseSaddleShop

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How Are “Lady” Trail Saddles Different Than Other Saddles?

As you’ve probably noticed adult women and men are built differently. For just one example, the gap high up between the thighs is often narrower on a woman than a man, but her hips are usually wider.

These seemingly small distinctions can make a big difference in saddle comfort for a woman. While specifics can and do vary from one saddle maker to another, many lady trail riding saddles have what is called a “narrow twist” to accommodate the area high up between the thighs, but a wider seat to accommodate a lady’s wider hips. Many lady trail saddles also often have a high cantle to help support the back and to provide a little extra security during long rides in rough or hilly terrain.

Below: A lady rider on a wooded trail.

A lady trail rider on a palomino horse on a wooded trail

We don’t have any way of knowing if a lady trail saddle you might be interested in has a narrow twist or a wider seat. These are common characteristics, but they’re not givens. Please read the description of any saddle you might be interested in to know the characteristics and design of the saddle.

A lady’s trail saddle is also often lighter in weight to help make it easier to lift up on her horse while saddling. You might also like: Lightweight Trail Saddles.

Fun Facts To Know……

Both men and women have a pelvis. While the pelvis is sometimes called the “pelvic bone,” it isn’t actually one single bone. Rather, it is several bones united together: The tail bone, hip bones (left and right), and the sacrum (the bone that is located between the hip bones). A woman’s pelvis is wider than a man’s to assist her in delivering children, and also results in a woman’s hips (usually, at least) being wider than a man’s.

Are All Women More Comfortable In A Lady’s Saddle?

In a word, no. But many of them are.

All women and men are built uniquely. While many women find a saddle built for a woman rider to be noticeably more comfortable, some of them don’t. Conversely, some men find that a “lady’s” saddle fits them just right and noticeably increases their comfort during a ride.

Below: A lady trail rider riding up a hill.

A lady riding up a hill during a trail ride

Fabtron and Crates Lady Trail Saddles

The saddles above are made by several different saddle makers, including Fabtron Saddlery and Crates Leather Company, Inc. Here is a little bit about those companies.

Fabtron uses the most up-to-date and top-of-the-line saddle trees manufactured. They offer a new era of design features and construction techniques that effect fit and comfort. Fit and comfort should be key considerations when purchasing a new saddle, which is why Fabtron saddles are built on the latest designs and best fitting trees available. Made in the USA at Maryville, Tennessee.

Crates manufactures up-scale western saddles and accessories and is a third generation family owned and operated company. Its mission is to produce a limited number of quality western saddles available only through established quality retailers in the US and abroad. Made in the USA at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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