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Circle Y Wind River Saddle

The Circle Y Julie Goodnight Wind River trail riding saddle is part of the “Peak Performance” line of saddles designed and ridden by Julie Goodnight, and made by Circle Y Saddlery.

The Peak Performance line of saddles were designed to Goodnight’s specifications and riding requirements. The Wind River saddle was made with trail riders in mind and includes such features as a leather skirt liner (which replaces the standard fleece lining on most saddles) with gel bar pads; a Tunnel Skirt to eliminate pressure on the horse’s spine; close contact, cut-out saddle skirts; a padded seat; pre-twisted stirrup leathers; a rounded skirt; and Circle Y’s Flex2 saddle tree.

Below: The Julie Goodnight Wind River Trail Saddle made by Circle Y. This one’s from Horse Saddle Shop where you can usually find the best price and choose from options such as seat size and tree width.

Circle Y Julie Goodnight Wind River trail saddle image. Used with permission.

Shopping For the Julie Goodnight Wind River Saddle By Circle Y

Below are Circle Y Wind River trail riding saddles for sale from a variety of sellers which usually include Amazon, State Line Tack, and Horse Saddle Shop. Often, the lowest prices on the Wind River are from HorseSaddleShop, but this page lets you look at the saddles for sale and easily compare prices.

About The Wind River Trail Saddle On HorseSaddleShop

  • HorseSaddleShop is one of the largest saddle dealers in the country. Almost every
    saddle they carry is in stock and ships the same day.
  • Most of the saddles shown are new, but some might be used.
  • Shipping is almost always included in the price for locations in the continental USA.
  • Some saddles by HorseSaddleShop are listed twice. Why? It’s because HorseSaddleShop is one business (located in Bremen, Indiana), with two websites ( and, and they often show the same saddle on both websites. In case one website would have a better deal on a saddle, saddles from both websites are shown.

From HorseSaddleShop

Looking for reviews on the Wind River? This page on HorseSaddleShop has several reviews from customers that have purchased the Wind River saddle.

From eBay and Amazon

eBay usually has a small but reliable selection of Wind River saddles. Most of them are new, but occasionally you can find a used one. When shopping for a saddle on eBay keep in mind:

  • Shipping may or may not be included in the price shown. Always check to be sure if shipping prices are included in the price or extra.
  • Saddles are often – but not always – shown without options. For example, if a saddle is offered in a 16 inch seat, you often don’t have the option for a different seat size. So, reading the details about a particular saddle for sale on eBay can be very important. (In contrast, other sellers like HorseSaddleShop and StateLineTack usually offer options.)

See Circle Y Wind River Saddles On eBay

About The Wind River Trail Saddle

  • Seat Size: 14 inch – 17 inch.
  • Color: Walnut, Regular Oil, Black.
  • Tree: Flex2 Trail regular and Flex2 Trail wide.
  • Seat: Impact Foam padded saddle seat.
  • Stirrups / Stirrup Leathers: ErgoBalance Stirrups (EBS) tilt the stirrups to eliminate torque on the riders knees and ankles. Pre-twisted stirrup leathers also help to reduce knee and ankle fatigue.
  • Cantle Height: 3 1/2 inches.
  • Horn Size: 2 1/4 inches neck.
  • Rigging: 3-way adjustable in-skirt rigging.
  • Skirt: Round.
  • Weight: Approximately 32 pounds.

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