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Circle Y Saddles

Circle Y has made saddles of superior quality, design, and craftsmanship since 1960. Circle Y saddles are made from the finest leathers available in the industry. They are the saddles of choice for knowledgeable, demanding riders.

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Below are Circle Y saddles for sale. You will find both new and used saddles. Please scroll down to see information about Circle Y saddle serial numbers and Flex-Lite saddle trees.

Below: A Circle Y saddle.

A Circle Y saddle on a horse

From eBay, Amazon, and HorseSaddleShop

Below are all types of Circle Y saddles for sale from several major online sellers. This page lets you compare prices and selection.

Circle Y Serial Numbers and Flex-Lite Saddle Trees

Looking for the serial number on a Circle Y saddle?

Circle Y puts their saddles’ serial numbers on a metal plate on the left side of the saddle underneath the seat jockey.

To know if the saddle is a regular tree or a wide tree, look at the last two numbers: 04 stands for a regular saddle tree width, and 05 is for a wide tree.

What Is A Circle Y “Flex-Lite” Tree?

Some Circle Y saddles have a “flex-lite” tree. A Circle Y flex-lite saddle tree is designed to give a flexible fit for the horse, conforming to the horse’s back.

In addition, the saddle skirts have a neoprene filler for the comfort of both horse and rider.

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