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Alamo Barrel Racing Saddles

New and used Alamo barrel racing saddles from Alamo Saddlery.

Alamo Saddlery is known for making quality saddles and tack at reasonable prices. Alamo makes barrel saddles, roping saddles, and more at their saddlery in Brackettville, TX.

Below: An Alamo barrel racing saddle from HorseSaddeShop.

A basket tooled Alamo barrel racing saddle image. Used with permission.

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From eBay and HorseSaddleShop

Note: Sometimes other brands of saddles (besides Alamo) and other types of saddles (besides barrel saddles) show up in the items below. Please be sure to read the description of each saddle carefully.

See more barrel saddles on HorseSaddleShop

See more Alamo barrel saddles on eBay

About Alamo Saddlery

Alamo Saddlery, located in Brackettville, TX, was was founded in April of 1996. Under the original direction of Roy E. Martin, Roy used his 30 years of experience in the making of Western saddles and other tack to found the Alamo brand. With Roy’s expertise Alamo began developing high quality saddles and top of the line tack priced to fit the middle-market.

A basket tooled Alamo barrel racing saddle

Alamo Saddlery claims the distinction of being the home of the ORIGINAL “Jewelry On Tack” and has made it their stated goal to remain the trendsetter in this new tradition.

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