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Flex Tree Saddles

A “flex tree” saddle is a saddle that has bars that are flexible, which allows the saddle to flex with the horse.

From eBay, Amazon, and HorseSaddleShop

Below are saddles with flex trees for sale from several major online sellers. This page lets you easily compare selection and prices. For more information about flex tree saddles, please scroll down beneath the saddles for sale.

See more flex tree saddles on HorseSaddleShop

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A Little Bit About Flex Tree Saddles

The flexibility of a flex tree in a saddle is not intended to force a saddle to fit a horse properly (if that is even possible). Instead, it is intended to enhance the fit of a saddle that already fits a horse the way it should.

Not all flex trees are the same – they vary from one saddle maker to another. has an excellent, informative article on flex tree saddles, and includes information and illustrations on how they vary. To see the article, please click here:

What’s A Flex Tree Saddle?
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