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Billy Cook Barrel Saddles For Sale

Below are Billy Cook barrel racing saddles for sale. You will find both new and used Billy Cook barrel saddles.

For more information about Billy Cook barrel saddles and famous barrel racer Connie Combs, please scroll down beneath the saddles for sale.

Below: The Billy Cook barrel saddle 1550 from HorseSaddleShop.

Barrel saddle by Billy Cook image. Used with permission.

From eBay, Amazon, and HorseSaddleShop

This page makes it easy to compare saddle prices and selection between major online sellers.

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Billy Cook Barrel Saddles and Shorthand Descriptions

When buying a new or used saddle on HorseSaddleShop you are making a purchase from a company with a long history of saddle expertise and customer satisfaction.

However, when buy a saddle from an eBay seller things are a bit different: You are dealing with different individuals, or sometimes businesses, who may or may not know much about saddles. Here are a few common “shorthand” terms eBay sellers might use and what they mean.

BNWT – Brand new with tags. Same thing as NWT, below.

NWT – New with tags. Same thing as BNWT, above.

Buy It Now – Stops the auction, and the saddle or other item is sold at the Buy It Now price.

Gently Used – Another way of saying Like New, below.

Like New – This is a nice way of saying the saddle is used. However, this is often where good deals are found. Read the item description carefully, look at the photos closely, and if the seller has an excellent feedback rating and claims the saddle is “gently used” or “like new,” it probably is.

However, if the seller has very few transactions on eBay or has a poor feedback rating, use extra caution when considering their descriptions of “gently used” or “like new.” Look at the photos of the saddle closely, and if necessary ask the seller for additional photos and/or ask them any questions you may have.

Used – Most eBay sellers would rather not use the word “used” if they could have honestly described the saddle in more flattering terms such as “gently used” or “like new.” So, if a saddle on eBay is described as used, you can usually expect some obvious wear and maybe a few scuffs or scrapes. In some cases, there may also be minor (or worse) damage.

Billy Cook Barrel Saddles And Champion Barrel Racer Connie Combs

World Champion Barrel Racer Connie Combs (aka Connie Combs Kirby) lends her name to several extremely popular barrel racing saddles made by Billy Cook. Here are just a few of her accomplishments as a professional barrel racer:

  • Two National Finals Rodeo (NFR) average championships (1975, 1976)
  • Three Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) average
  • WPRA World Barrel Racing Champion, 1976
  • Qualified for the NFR seven times on two different horses
  • The only professional barrel racer to win a WPRA title on a stallion
    (Maudie’s Joak)
  • Holds a 5-year professional record of never hitting a barrel

Connie Combs also designs saddles, tack, and bits, including her line of
popular Billy Cook barrel racing saddles.

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