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Treeless Saddles

Below are treeless saddles and accessories for sale. You can find both Western and English saddles, new and used.

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Treeless Saddle Savvy

The exact definition of a treeless saddle can vary. In general, most treeless saddles have a pommel and a cantle, but they do not have the rigid bars that are found in treed saddles.

Treeless saddles are loved by their fans for being lighter in weight than treed saddles and more flexible. Many riders consider a treeless saddle to be more comfortable for both horse and rider, while others point out that a treeless saddle can perform poorly for distributing a rider’s weight, thereby being uncomfortable for the horse.

Like any saddle, not all treeless saddles are not the same. Some are barely more than a bareback riding pad, while others have well-planned construction for things like quality and weight-distribution. Again, like any saddle, there are quality treeless saddles as well as poorly made ones.

Buying A Treeless Saddle

When buying a treeless saddle on the Web or anywhere else, there are some things you will probably want to know. For example:

  • Is the saddle new or used? If it is used, exactly how used is it? Does the seller clearly state that the saddle is barely used, heavily used, etc.?
    • If the saddle is used does it have any defects? It is reasonable to assume that a used saddle may have some defects of some kind. The seller should clearly describe any scratches, scuffs, tears, stains, etc., and show them in the pictures if possible.
  • Are there several clear pictures of the saddle? In most cases you will want photos of the saddle from all angles, including underneath.
  • If the seller claims the saddle is a certain brand or make, do the photos show a stamp or other mark on the saddle to back up their claim?
  • Does the saddle come with or without cinches, stirrups, latigos, billets, etc.? It would not be unusual for a treeless saddle to sell either with or without these items. Make sure the seller tells you.
    • If the saddle does come with any of the items listed immediately above, are they also clearly
      described and shown in the photos?
  • What will the shipping charges be?
  • If you have any questions on a treeless saddle be sure to ask the seller before you bid or buy.

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