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Used Ranch Saddles

The term “ranch saddle” refers to a type of Western saddle built for ranch use.

A ranch saddle is designed for long hours of riding, durability, and to handle the stress placed on a horse and saddle when roping. When it comes to used ranch saddles, “used” doesn’t have to mean “used up.” A used or pre-owned ranch saddle can be a great buy if it’s the type of saddle you’ve been looking for. Below are used ranch saddles for sale on eBay and HorseSaddleShop.

Below: A used ranch saddle that was for sale then sold. This particular ranch saddle was lightly used and very well cared for. It was higher priced than some used saddles, but was still a good deal and saved its new owner money during the purchase.

A used custom made ranch saddle

From eBay

eBay can be an excellent place to find a good selection of used ranch saddles for sale. However, you do have to shop with a bit of caution. Confused and uninformed sellers on eBay might offer saddles for sale with inaccurate descriptions. It’s often not so much of a case of a seller being dishonest as it is a case of a seller not understanding the saddle they’re attempting to describe.

When shopping for a used ranch saddle on eBay (or anywhere else for that matter) be sure you read the description carefully and examine the photos closely to make sure the saddle is what you’re looking for. If you have questions be sure to contact the seller before you bid or buy.

In addition, when shopping for a used saddle on eBay don’t assume you get anything with the saddle except for the saddle itself. For example, the saddle may or may not come with a front cinch, back cinch, stirrups, and so on. While some used saddles are offered for sale with these items, it’s not uncommon for them to sell without them, either. Make sure you know what you are, or are not, getting with your purchase.

See more used ranch saddles on eBay

Used Ranch Saddles From HorseSaddleShop is another great place to find a used ranch saddle. The used saddles they have for sale have been sent to them by their owners and are in HorseSaddleShop’s warehouse in Bremen, Indiana. The owners of these saddles use HorseSaddleShop’s professional services to handle the transaction.

When HorseSaddleShop receives the saddle from its owner they clean it, inspect it, and photograph it, then write a description for it. When the saddle sells, they handle the transaction then ship the saddle to its new owner.

The HorseSaddleShop saddle experts are picky, and accept only the best used saddles for sale. After the seller has sent them a saddle HorseSaddleShop puts it through their own reconditioning process, which includes:

  • They inspect the saddle for soundness and replace replace or repair parts if needed.
  • They thoroughly clean and oil the saddle.
  • They measure the saddle tree and seat themselves, instead of relying on what the seller tells them.
  • The saddle is photographed to accurately represent it.
  • The used saddle is offered with free shipping and a two week return policy.

Below are used ranch saddles for sale at They are typically shipped the same day they are sold. Please note they often sell quickly, and may or may not still be available.

See used ranch saddles directly on HorseSaddleShop

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