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High-End Roping Saddles

Shop for high quality roping saddles from high-end saddleries.

Below: The Hi-Tech Roper SDR212 roping saddle made by Double J Saddlery. Available from HorseSaddleShop. With a price tag of around $4,000, this beautiful and unique saddle is for ropers looking for a high quality, high-end roping saddle.

The Hi-Tech Roper SDR212 roping saddle made by Double J Saddlery. image. Used with permission.

From eBay, Amazon, and HorseSaddleShop

See More High End Roping Saddles On HorseSaddleShop

See More High End Roping Saddles On eBay

About HorseSaddleShop

  • HorseSaddleShop is one of the largest saddle dealers in the country. Almost every saddle they carry is in stock and ships the same day.
  • Most of the saddles shown are new, but some might be used.
  • Shipping is almost always included in the price for locations in the continental USA.
  • Many (most?) of their saddles have customer reviews, which can provide helpful information when you’re shopping for a saddle.

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A Couple More High-End Roping Saddles

Martin Saddlery makes the Rickey Green team roping saddle mr25DFMB. It has several seat sizes and tree widths to choose from, and is built on Martin’s AXIS saddle tree that is designed with the modern performance horse in mind: More bar flare allows your performance horse room to move freely.

This saddle comes with a high-end price tag of over $4,000, but Martin saddles and quality don’t come cheap.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, Rickey Green was a professional team roper and 10-time qualifier for the National Finals Rodeo.

Below: Martin Saddlery’s Rickey Green team roping saddle mr25DFMB.

A Rickey Green team roping saddle by Martin Saddlery image. Used with permission.

Joe Beaver is a legend in professional rodeo. He has qualified for the National Finals Rodeo 22 times, and won a total of 8 World Championships in team roping and tie-down roping (an event formerly called calf roping).

The Joe Beaver calf roping saddle was designed by Joe and Martin Saddlery. It features a custom ground seat, reinforced tree and close contact design. It also features Martin’s exclusive AXIS tree with wider bar flare to allow your horse more freedom of movement in his shoulders.

This saddle isn’t cheap, but it does give the demanding roper the quality and features they expect in a high-end saddle.

Below: The Joe Beaver calf roping saddle mr63AOW by Martin Saddlery.

The Joe Beaver calf roping saddle mr63AOW image. Used with permission.

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