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Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA) Team Branding Photos - Page 1 of 2

Team branding photos From Friday, November 08, 2013. Taken at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo (WCRR) in Amarillo, TX.

You can find more information on team branding lower on this same page beneath the pictures.

Team Branding Photos - Page 1 of 2


More World Championship Ranch Rodeo (WCRR) Photos

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Yoder/JOD Ranches compete in the team branding

Yoder Ranch / JOD Ranch

A roper takes a calf to be branded

Driver Land and Cattle Company

A rider takes a calf to his teammates to be branded

Silver Spur - Bell Ranch Division

Two ropers enter a herd of calves

On the left: Slash B Livestock and Dagger Draw Ranch
On the right: Broken H Ranch / Stierwalt Ranch

A rider prepares to rope a calf

Slash B Livestock and Dagger Draw Ranch

A brander finishes branding a calf with chalk

Whitmire Land and Cattle / Sweetwater Cattle

A mounted rider looks for a calf to rope

Carlton and Carlton Ranch / Bellflower Ranch

A man on a horse waits to rope

Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company

A rider swings his rope

On the left: Angell Ranch
On the right: Crutch Ranch

A horse and rider take a calf to be branded

Crutch Ranch

The ground crew gets ready to work a calf

Angell Ranch

The ground crew prepares to brand a calf with chalk

Crutch Ranch


More World Championship Ranch Rodeo (WCRR) Photos

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

In case you're curious...

About Team Branding

In a Working Ranch Cowboys Association (WRCA) ranch rodeo contestants compete in teams representing ranches, not as individuals as in a "regular" rodeo. In the team branding event one member of the team is mounted and ropes a calf out of the herd. After the calf is roped two other team members lay the calf on its side, then a third team member "brands" the calf with chalk. The calf is then returned to the herd, and a second calf is similarly roped and "branded." The team with the fastest time on two calves is the winner.

The information above is a general overview only, and is not complete.

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