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2 Horse Trailers

A 2 horse trailer is just what it sounds like: A horse trailer designed to haul a maximum of 2 horses.

A two horse trailer can be a very simple trailer with room for two horses and (usually) also a storage area, or it can be a larger trailer with a tack room and/or living quarters.

Below are 2 horse trailers, both new and used, for sale on eBay. For a list of good things to know before buying a horse trailer on eBay or anywhere else, plus a description of common horse trailer terms, please scroll down beneath the trailers for sale.

Below: A bumper pull 2 horse trailer. Horse trailers, including 2 horse trailers, can have hitches that are bumper pull, gooseneck, or (less commonly) 5th wheel.

A bumper pull 2 horse trailer


2 Horse Trailers For Sale On eBay

See 2 horse trailers directly on eBay

Buying A Horse Trailer On eBay

Most or all of the items below should be clearly mentioned in the trailer's description. If not, you may need to ask the seller a question before considering purchasing the trailer.

Common Horse Trailer Terms

Below: Diagram of a 2 horse trailer showing horse stalls, the long wall, and the short wall.

A 2 horse trailer diamgram showing horse stalls and long and short walls


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