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Batwing Chaps

Below are batwing chaps for sale. Batwing chaps are fuller cut than another common style of chaps called shotgun chaps.

Batwings are worn by working cowboys and cowgirls as protection against hazards inherent to a cowboy lifestyle. Batwing chaps can be plain or fancy and come with a variety of options. For more information on batwing chaps, please scroll down lower on this page. If you would like to broaden your search, you might like this link: Cowboy chaps, all.

Below: Leather batwing chaps.

Batwing chaps on a working cowboy

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

Note: Many of the batwing chaps we've seen on Etsy are custom made to your specifications. When shopping on Etsy, make sure you know if the chaps you're interested in are already made and ready to ship, or if they will be custom made for you after you place your order.

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Batwing Chaps Photos

Batwing chaps offer working cowboys protection from brush, trees, thorns, weather, branding irons, and other hazards inherent to their lifestyle. Working batwing chaps can be plain or fancy, come with or without pockets, and can have different types of closures.

Rodeo chaps, worn in competition by bronc riders and bull riders, are a variation of batwing chaps. They are often brightly covered with elaborate fringe or eye-catching decorations.

Below: Batwing wing chaps with fringe half-way down.

A pair of batwing chaps with fringe


Below: Pockets on batwing chaps are a popular option. The pockets can have a closure, like the ones shown, or be more of a slit-style opening with a cover.

Large pockets on batwing chaps


Below: Hair-on-hide batwing chaps. Some folks avoid hair-on-hide for working batwings because areas of the hair may wear off where the chaps get a lot of stress (for example, where a rope repeatedly rubs). However, they are still widely popular.

Hair-on-hide batwing chaps for protection


Below: Batwing chaps being worn by a ranch bronc rider. Batwing chaps are the style of chap rodeo chaps are based on, though working chaps like the ones in this photo usually lack the long fringe and bright colors typically found on rodeo chaps.

Batwing chaps on a ranch bronc rider


Below: Batwing chaps being worn by a rodeo pickup man. While it's difficult to tell from the picture, these batwing chaps have padding underneath them to help protect him from kicks and other hazards while picking up.

A rodeo pickup man wearing batwing chaps

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