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Children's Spurs

Children's spurs with and without spur straps for sale.

Children's spurs are similar to adult spurs but made to accommodate a smaller rider. There is usually a very good selection of both new and used spurs to choose from. Please scroll down for good information to know before you buy.

Below: Children's spurs.

Children's chinks and spurs

From eBay and Amazon

See more children's spurs on eBay

See more children's spurs on Amazon

Good Things To Know Before Buying Children's Spurs

Below are a few good things to know before buying children's spurs online or anywhere else.

Below: A pair of children's spurs with a wide band and wide spur straps.

Children's spurs with wide spur straps


Below: A pair of children's spurs with silver studs on the bands.

Iron children's spurs


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