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Below are photographs of cows and calves. Please scroll down below the photos to find cow trivia and a few cow jokes.

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Picture of a Longhorn cow in a green pasture


Picture of a Brahma cow


Longhorn cow and calf

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A calf relaxing in the shade


A calf relaxing in the shade


A Brahma cow takes a drink


Brahma cow picture

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Cow Trivia

A cow's udder is the organ through which she gives milk. A cow's udder has four compartments, called quarters. Each quarter has a teat, or nipple, through which the milk leaves the udder. For comparison, goats also have udders but their udders only have two compartments that are called halves.

The Santa Gertrudis is the first breed of cattle developed in the United States. It originated as a cross between Shorthorn and Brahma cattle, and was developed between 1910 and 1920 on the King Ranch in Texas. In 1920 a bull calf named Monkey was born on the King Ranch that became the foundation sire of the breed. Santa Gertrudis cattle expanded to other other beef producers in the 1930s, and in 1940 was recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture as a pure breed.

The word "polled" means a cow is naturally, or genetically, without horns. This is opposed to a cow that may have had horns at birth, but had them removed at some point. The word "muley" means the same thing as polled but is not as commonly used.

Cow Jokes

What do you call a cow that plays the piano? A moo-sician!

Where do cows go when they want a night out? To the moo-vies!

What was the bull doing in the pasture with his eyes closed? Bull-dozin'.

What happens when a cow stops shaving? She grows a moo-stache!

What do you get when a cow falls down? Ground beef!


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