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Below are saddle bronc riding pictures. Saddle bronc riding is known as the "classic event of rodeo."

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Wild action as a gray saddle broc bucks high into the air


Saddle bronc riding: A Paint bronc leaves the chute


A high-jumping bronc with a saddle bronc rider on board

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A dun saddle bronc and its rider buck in the arena


A Paint saddle bronc


Saddle bronc riding is unpredictable: A bronc rider gets bucked off


Saddle bronc rider making a ride


Saddle bronc riding is dangerous: A saddle bronc rider gets bucked off

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Saddle Bronc Riding And The Fake But Authentic Wild West Show

The earliest forms of rodeo were small, informal gatherings where working cowboys exhibited their skills and/or competed against one another in the tasks they performed during their everyday ranch duties.

These early exhibitions and competitions dotted the American West in the mid 1800s, and while they were actually seen by very few people they were nonetheless very popular with those that did get to see them.

These casual, early get-togethers soon spawned a more flamboyant, spectator-oriented event, an event that came to be called the Wild West Show. While there were several early forms of the Wild West Show a man famously known as Buffalo Bill Cody had one of the earliest, biggest, most extravagant, and longest running Wild West Shows in American history.

Although Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows were lavishly costumed and spectacularly designed, he insisted on authenticity in the things that really counted. While the cowboys and cowgirls in his shows may have been far better dressed and equipped than their “real” or working counterparts, the skills they displayed to cheering crowds of thousands were genuine.

In addition, their high level of horsemanship and roping could not be faked, and neither could their exceptional abilities to ride bucking horses (an early form of modern saddle bronc riding), steers, and buffalo.

In addition to these more traditional cowboy skills, Buffalo Bill’s shows also contained reenactments of Indian attacks, stage robberies, and buffalo hunts. All the events were fast paced and highly dangerous whether measuring by the standards of those days or more modern times. No amount of flashy dress and fancy costuming could disguise the genuine skills that laid beneath them, a truism not at all different from modern rodeo.


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