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Pyranha Zero Bite Review

Below: A one quart spray bottle of Pyranha Zero Bite.

Pyranha Zero Bite spray bottle


About Zero Bite

The Pyranha company makes a fly spray for horses called Zero Bite that it describes as a "natural alternative to traditional fly sprays." Pyranha further describes Zero Bite this way:

"Fly Control the way Mother Nature intended. The goodness of natural products such as geraniol, clove and peppermint combined to bring you mother nature’s powerful natural fly fighter."

Zero Bite's main active ingredient is geraniol, a substance derived from plants such as geraniums and lemongrass. It is often used as an ingredient in plant-based insect repellents.

According to Pyranha Zero Bite repels:

Below: A close up of the Zero Bite label showing what the company says it kills and/or repels.

Pyranha Zero Bite label close up


Below: A close up of the Zero Bite label showing the ingredients.

Zero Bite by Pyranha ingredients


In the past we had used Pyranha's Wipe N Spray fly spray for horses with good results, so we decided to give Zero Bite a try

The Bad

Our bottle of Zero Bite came with a lousy sprayer. It had a short stroke and dispensed the Zero Bite in little spits and spurts. It was all but useless, so we only used it once before we replaced it with a sprayer from another bottle.

The Weird

Zero Bite smells weird. Not bad. Not good. Just...weird. The company says it has a "sweet, minty, floral odor." Ummm, ok. Sure. If there's any mint to the smell we can't detect it. Maybe it smells like geraniol, the main ingredient. We just know it smells different and a little weird.

Also, Zero Bite is also a little foamy. We're not sure it matters, but it is a different consistency from other fly sprays we've used.

The Good

This stuff works. We tested it a number of times in the pasture and it performed very well. When we say pasture, we're talking about mid-summer, belly-deep (to a 15 hand horse) grass with several plentiful water supplies near by.

Zero Bite held its own for nearly an hour on several tests in the pasture. When we got back to the house our horse was just starting to fight a few flies, but Zero Bite was still performing better than a couple of other horses sprayed with a generic brand.

Where It Under Performs

It says on the label that Zero Bite repels horse flies, but this was, at least for us, a noticeable weak spot for the product. If it helped to repel horse flies we couldn't tell it. We've noticed that horse flies are a weak area for most fly sprays we've used, and unfortunately, Zero Bite is no exception.


We definitely thought Pyranha Zero Bite was a good product.

A competing product by the same company, Pyranha Wipe 'N Spray, had a slight edge for us in how long it lasted, and it also performed slightly better in general, particularly against horse flies.

The differences weren't huge, though, and we were pleasantly surprised in how well Zero Bite, described as a "natural alternative to traditional fly sprays" by the company, performed.

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