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SleekEZ Review

Below: A 5 inch wide SleekEZ. See it on eBay.

SleekEZ Grooming Stick, 5 inches wide


According to the manufacturer the SleekEZ is a grooming/shedding tool (the designer calls it a "grooming stick") for horses, dogs, cats, or pretty much anything that has hair or fur.

It is a very simple device: A block of wood made to comfortably fit in your hand that holds a short metal blade with a saw-tooth type of pattern.

It comes in three widths:

According to the SleekEZ website it was created by equine dentist Jennifer Tipton. The maker claims the SleekEZ removes not only hair and/or fur, but also dirt and dander.

We bought our first SleekEZ after seeing several highly positive reviews of the product on YouTube.

"I Can't Believe I Paid Money For This"

When the SleekEZ arrived and we took it out of the package our first thought was "Wow, I can't believe we paid money for a chunk of wood with a saw blade in it." The one we ordered was 5 inches wide.

Then The Horse Hair Piled Up Like Crazy

Whatever misgivings we had about the SleekEZ, though, vanished as soon as we used it.

It was late March, the horses were shedding like crazy, and we headed for one of our more dramatically-haired horses. You know the kind: Grows more winter hair than any horse on the place and grows it loonngg.

With one swipe of the SleekEZ an impressive amount of hair was loosened and piled up on his back. It looked kind of like snow piling up in front of a snow plow, only with hair.

Even better, none of the loose hair stuck in the SleekEZ. With other brushes we'd used the hair would get stuck in the teeth of the brush: We would brush a stroke, then we'd have to pause to remove lots of stuck-in hair from the brush before we could continue brushing the horse. It was annoying and slowed things down. A lot.

With the SleekEZ, though, we could just keep brushing and brushing. Hair almost never stayed in its teeth, and if a little bit of hair did linger it swiped off quickly and easily or blew off in the breeze.

We had owned this thing for 5 minutes and already knew that for brushing shedding horses there was no going back. 

Below: Using a 5 inch wide SleekEZ on a horse.

SleekEZ Grooming Stick, 5 inches wide

SleekEZs For Sale

The SleekEZ and Our Australian Shepherd

Next, we tried the SleekEZ on our Australian Shepherd. The amount of hair it pulled off in just one pass really surprised us. In three or four more strokes the hair began to pile up at our feet.

Once again, just like when we used it on a horse, the SleekEZ was almost totally self-cleaning: With other brushes we had always spent about half our time brushing our dog and the other half removing clogged-up hair from the comb or brush. With the SleekEZ, though, we just brushed and brushed.

The Sleek EZ and Our Saddle Pad Liners

Our next experiment with the SleekEZ was using it on a 100% wool felt, well-used, saddle pad liner. It was so well-used, in fact, that just the week before we had replaced it with a new one. It was covered with packed-in horse hair. The back corners had the biggest hair buildup so we started brushing one of them with the SleekEZ.

A surprising amount of hair was removed with each stroke. Up until that moment we had always used a sponge (our least favorite) or a rubber curry comb (which worked better than a sponge) to remove built-up hair from our saddle pads and liners.

The SleekEZ worked way better than the sponge, and even worked a little better than our previous favorite, the rubber curry comb. In no time we had a growing pile of loosened horse hair piling up on the liner.

Once again, hardly any hair remained on the teeth, meaning we spent our time brushing instead of removing clogged-up hair.

Below: A felt saddle pad liner with lots of packed-on horse hair.

SleekEZ Grooming Stick, 5 inches wide


Below: The same felt saddle pad liner after being brushed with the SleekEZ.

SleekEZ Grooming Stick, 5 inches wide

...And Our Felt Cinches

Since the SleekEZ worked so well on a felt saddle pad liner we decided to try it on a heavily-used felt cinch.

It did as good a job with the cinch as it did with the pad liner. The one thing worth mentioning here is that the hair that had been embedded towards the edges of the cinch, down into a sewn seam, was harder to get free. We got a little aggressive there and did notice that we loosened a little bit of the felt. We eased up and still did a good job of removing the hair, but his time didn't aggravate the felt.

SleekEZ and Mud

The SleekEZ works ok on a muddy horse, but we're not overly impressed. It does remove caked-on mud, but only about as well as a metal or rubber curry comb.

On Our Dog: SleekEZ vs Furminator

When brushing our hairy Australian Shepherd, we would rather have one SleekEZ that we paid for than a dozen free Furminators.

On our Australian Shepherd the Furminator fills with hair almost immediately. We spend all our time stopping the brushing, removing the hair, and starting again. It's a very frustrating process for us and our Aussie. With the SleekEZ we just keep brushing and the hair keeps coming off.

However, we have a friend with two Blue Heelers who says she's not impressed with the SleekEZ when she brushes them with it. She says it works ok, but no better than several other types of brushes that she's tried.


We love the SleekEZ on our shedding horses, our hairy Australian Shepherd, and for removing caked-on hair from our felt pads and cinches.

It works surprisingly fast without a lot of effort, and loose hair doesn't stay stuck in its teeth. We are definitely pleased with it, and if one of our friends "accidentally" runs off with it we would order another one the same day.

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