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Breyer Longhorn Bulls For Sale

The Breyer Texas Longhorn bull has several different versions, or model numbers.

The Breyer Texas Longhorn bull was made by Breyer Animal Creations. As we mentioned above, there are several different versions, or model numbers, of the bull.

Each model is based on the same mold, but has its own unique look. Breyer also made a Brahma bull. For more information about the Breyer Longhorn bull please scroll down.

Below: The Breyer Texas Longhorn bull: Model #75. This is one of the first Longhorn bulls Breyer produced.

The Breyer Longhorn bull

From eBay and (Maybe) Amazon

Below are Breyer Texas Longhorn bulls and related items for sale.

Even though the Breyer Texas Longhorn bull is no longer being made you can usually find several nice models to choose from on eBay. One may occasionally show up on Amazon, too, and if so it should show up in the items below.

See more Breyer Longhorn bulls on eBay


About The Breyer Longhorn Bull

The Breyer Texas Longhorn bull was made by Breyer Animal Creations (<<<this link will open in a new window). We say "was" because the bull is not currently being produced. When they were being manufactured Breyer made several different versions, or models, of the Longhorn bull.

Over the years Breyer Animal Creations has become world famous for its much-loved model horses. At different times, Breyer has produced models other than horses, including dogs, cats, deer, and more, including the Texas Longhorn bull.

Below: Another look at the same Breyer Longhorn bull seen at the top of this page.

Breyer's Texas Longhorn Bull


Below is a photo of the stamp, or maker's mark, on the bull shown in the images on this page. Over the years the stamp Breyer has used has changed, so not all stamps will look like this one.

Below: The Breyer stamp high up on the inside of the left hind leg of the Breyer bull shown above.

Breyer's stamp, or maker's mark, on this model of their bull

Breyer Resources

If you're curious about Breyer Animal Creations and the beautiful models they make, here are a few websites we like that might help you out.


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