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Peter Stone Model Horses

Below are Peter Stone model horses and accessories for sale. While most of the items are made by the Peter Stone model horse company some items are not - you will need to read the product description carefully.

Please scroll down for definitions of model horse shorthand like OOAK, and for descriptions of the sizes and scale of Peter Stone model horses.

From eBay and Etsy

See more Peter Stone model horses on Etsy

See more Peter Stone model horses on eBay

Model Horse Shorthand

Ever wondered what all those shorthand descriptions like OOAK mean? If so, the information below might help you out. Please note that not all sellers might not use abbreviations and acronyms in the same way. If you have any doubts or questions contact the seller before you bid or buy.

Model Horse Sizes

Standard Size Models - Peter Stone's largest models are called their "Standard" models. They are approximately 1/9th scale and stand approximately six to eleven inches tall.

Pebble Size Models - Peter Stone's intermediate size models are called "Pebbles." They are approximately 1/16th scale and stand approximately four to six inches tall.

Chips Size Models - Peter Stone's smallest models are called "Chips." They are approximately 1/28th scale and stand approximately two to three inches tall.


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