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Below are pictures of cowboys working.

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A cowboy waiting with two horses.

A cowboy and two horses waiting in a pasture


A little cowboy learns from a big cowboy. The family tradition continues.

A little cowboy on his horse takes a rope from an older cowboy


A cowboy on a gray horse sorts Red Angus cows.

A cowboy sorts cows

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Four cowboys hold calves while the ground crew works them. Notice that the "cowboy" farthest from the camera is a young cowgirl.

Four cowboys hold calves for the ground crew work


Grandfather and grandson bring in a herd of cows and calves.

A grandfather and his grandson gather cows


Cowboys gather a herd in the early morning haze.

Cowboys gathering cattle


A cowboy ties a yearling calf in pasture grass.

A cowboy ties down a calf in the pasture


Four cowboys hold their calves while the ground crew works them. Notice that the last "cowboy", the one farthest from the camera, is a young cowgirl.

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

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