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The Fall Guy

The book "The Fall Guy - 30 Years As The Duke's Double" is out of print but used copies can often be found on For more information about the book, and tips on finding used copies on Amazon, please scroll down.

Below: The book: "The Fall Guy" by "Bad Chuck" Roberson with Bodie Thoene.

Book: The Fall Guy / Bad Chuck Roberson

From eBay and Amazon

About "The Fall Guy"

As the title and subtitle hint at, "The Fall Guy - 30 Years As The Duke's Double" is a book about the life of stuntman Charles "Bad Chuck" Roberson. Written by Roberson with Bodie Thoene, the book follows Roberson through 30+ years as a Hollywood stuntman.

Roberson was best-known for his stunt work in Westerns, and he describes years of performing stunts and doubling for such actors as John "Duke" Wayne, Gregory Peck, Charlton Hesston, Robert Mitchum, and many more. He also talks about working with other well-known stuntmen such as Ben Johnson, Frank "Frankie" McGrath, Jack "Jackie" Williams, Dean Smith, and others.

Here at we have read and love this book. You can read our review of it here: Review: "The Fall Guy - 30 Years As The Duke's Double." <<< This link will open in a new window.

Finding A Copy Of "The Fall Guy"

As we said at the top of this page, "The Fall Guy - 30 Years As The Duke's Double" is out of print. To buy a copy you'll have to get lucky at your local used book store or thrift shop or you can look for copies online. Amazon is a good source for used books, but sometimes there are more copies available than may first appear.

For example, in the screen capture below we found a used copy of "The Fall Guy" for sale on Amazon. Underneath that particular copy of the book were three additional links to look for more copies. See the yellow arrows in the image below.

Below: The yellow arrows are pointing to more copies of the book for sale.

Used copies of The Fall Guy


And, of course, with many books you can always buy an electronic copy and download it to your electronic device, such as a Kindle.


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