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Silence Of The Bell

The book "Silence Of The Bell - Monitoring Eastern Box Turtles With Australian Cattle Dogs" is a small (99 pages) treasure for people who are interested in box turtles.

If you're not interested in that "boring" little turtle that occasionally crosses your path, this book just might change your mind. For more information about the book, including a link to our review of it, please scroll down a little lower on this page.

Below is the book "Silence Of The Bell" for sale on

Below: The book: "Silence Of The Bell" written by Anne Allbright Smith.

Book cover of Silence Of The Bell

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About "Silence Of The Bell"

The book "Silence Of The Bell" shares author Anne Allbright Smith's experiences with Eastern box turtles after she and her husband purchased a 65-acre piece of old farmland in New York state. Ms. Smith became captivated by the box turtles she found on her property but had difficulty finding them on her own due to the grass, brush, and woods. She soon trained her two Australian cattle dogs, Anzac and Diggy, to find them for her. The book gets its name from the bell she kept on each of the dog's collars: Following the dogs across her property she couldn't always see them, but she could still hear their bells as they searched for turtles. If one of the bells went silent she knew that dog was sitting patiently by a turtle it had found, waiting for her to catch up.

Here at we have read and enjoyed this book. You can read our review of it here: Review: "Silence Of The Bell - Monitoring Eastern Box Turtles With Australian Cattle Dogs." <<< This link will open in a new window.


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