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American Quarter Horse Association News

Below are current news stories gathered from Google News containing the words “American Quarter Horse Association” or “AQHA.” Most of the news stories are actually about the AQHA, but occasionally you get a news story about something else that just happens to have the right words in it. Please scroll down to see a brief article on the history of the AQHA.

About The American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse became an official breed in 1940 when the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) was founded. It is the first breed of horse native to the United States, having formed over generations dating back to the 1600s in Colonial America. At first bred primarily for racing over short distances, the American Quarter Horse found a new role in the 1800s when it rose to prominence as the horse of choice for the burgeoning cattle industry in America.

The modern American Quarter Horse is a breed recognized for its gentle nature, versatility, and its ability to explode to top speed in two strides. It is highly prized for its extreme speed over short distances and its intuitive capability to read cattle, a trait often described as "cow sense." As a breed it has a virtual lock on being the preferred horse for managing cattle on the farm or ranch, and for any competitive event requiring sudden speed and/or skill in working with cattle. The American Quarter Horse is also overwhelmingly popular for recreational riding and driving.

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