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This is page two of our wild mustang photos.

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There were lots of cockleburrs in manes and tails; horses love to scratch themselves with cockleburrs. This mare evidently loves them more than most. For tips on how to take better horse photos, please see our page: How To Take Horse Pictures.

A wild mustang horse with lots of cockleburrs in her mane


A gray mustang.

A gray mustang mare with her herd mates


A sorrel mare against a beautiful morning sky.

A sorrel mustang mare with a beautiful sky


This mare had an eye-catching, irregular blaze.

A wild mustang horse with an irregular blaze


If you're going to prowl thousands of acres looking for mustangs, a 6X6 is a sweet ride. A little bumpy, but still a sweet ride.

An army 6X6

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

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