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There were a lot of small bands that joined together, temporarily, as they gathered around us.

A growing herd of mustang horses


Some of the mares would stop and stare at us. You couldn't help but notice their beauty.

A gray mustang mare


This gray mare seemed to pose every time she heard the camera shutter.

Gray mustang mare

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This flaxen-maned mare had a long, beautiful forelock and one of the longer manes.

Flaxen maned mare


This mare had a sleek, refined head.

A Mustang mare with a refined head


A blue roan mare trotted past.

A blue roan mustang


When the mustangs were ready to leave they turned and trotted or loped away in big numbers, sorting themselves from one big herd back into numerous smaller bands as they went.

Horses, mustangs, loping away

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