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Cheyenne Frontier Days Tie Down Roping Photos

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo -
Tie Down Roping Photos

Tie Down Roping Photos

We regret that we somehow managed to get very few tie-down roping pictures. Here are the few we got.


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A tie-down roper at Cheyenne Frontier Days

At Cheyenne, there is a 30 foot score for timed-event contestants (that means the calves and steers get a 30 foot head start), and the judge pulls the barrier by hand. Notice that as the calf leaves the box that he isn't carrying a rope to release the barrier. When he reaches the 30 foot scoreline, the judge will pull the barrier.

A tie-down roper ropes his calf

A tie-down roper ropes his calf.

A tie-down roper runs down the rope

A tie-down roper runs down the rope.

A trick rider at the Cheyenne Frontier 
Days Rodeo

Every so often during the tie-down roping a trick rider from The Fast and the Furious Trick Riders would go tearing down the track.

Tie-down roper Jake Hannum

Jake Hannum, Plain City, UT.

A trick rider on the racetrack at The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

Another trick rider.

Calf roper Clint Robinson

Clint Robinson, Spanish Fork, UT caught his calf, but his horse stepped over the rope.

A calf roping horse with his leg 
over the rope

As the rope to the calf tightened, it pulled the horse's leg into the air.

Calf roper Clint Robinson cuts 
his rope

Clint didn't waste any time reaching for his knife to cut the rope.

A tie-down roper cuts his rope

Help arrived, but Clint cut the rope just as they got there. His horse stayed remarkably quiet.

A tie-down roping calf lopes away

After the rope was cut the calf took part of it with him for a souvenir. The calf and the horse were both unharmed.

Sorry, but that's it for the tie-down roping photos. Like I said above, we somehow managed to get only a few. After The Fast and the Furious Trick Riders said good-bye, it was on to the next event.

A trick rider carries an American Flag

A final trick from the trick riders.

A trick rider waves good-bye to the crowd

After the trick riders waved good-by, it was on to the next rodeo event.


More Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Photos

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

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