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Dallas Cowboys Season Tickets

Below are at least 3 different kinds of Dallas Cowboys season tickets for sale.

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From eBay

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About Tickets

While there are lots of different kinds of tickets, a ticket to a sporting event such as a Dallas Cowboys football game is some type of small document that entitles the ticket holder the right to enter a sporting venue for the purpose of watching the game.

Tickets are commonly small pieces of heavy paper or thin cardboard, and often have detailed information printed on them such as the exact day, date, time, location, and specific seats the ticket can be used for.

Many tickets today are decorated in such a way as to make them souvenirs for the holder after the event is over: They are often printed in team colors and/or bear images of team logos, jerseys, etc.

Below: An example of very generic tickets. Many tickets today, like those for National Football League (NFL) football games, are more colorful, often have team logos and other information on them, and make great souvenirs after the game.

A very generic yellow ticket


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