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Dallas Cowboys Tickets

Below are Dallas Cowboys tickets for football games at various locations (home and away).

The Dallas Cowboys is a professional football team whose home stadiums have been in, or near, Dallas, TX since the inception of the team in 1960. After a rather bleak first season of play (0 wins, 11 losses, and 1 tie) they developed into a highly successful team with an extraordinary list of accomplishments including numerous titles and Super Bowl championships.

The Dallas Cowboys are wildly popular with their fans, and tickets to a Cowboys game are highly sought after and often hard to find. For more information about the Dallas Cowboys please scroll down beneath the tickets for sale.

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About The Dallas Cowboys Star Logo

Since their beginning in 1960 the Dallas Cowboys have used a star logo, bringing to mind their home state of Texas which is nicknamed The Lone Star State. The original logo, from 1960 through 1963, was simply a solid blue star.

Below: The logo of the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 through 1963.

The old Dallas Cowboys logo


Since 1964 the simple blue star has added a white border, which, in turn, has a blue border the same color as the blue star. This second version of the star is still in use today.

Below: The logo of the Dallas Cowboys 1964 - present.

The new Dallas Cowboys logo

The Three Homes of the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have called three different stadiums home.

1) Cotton Bowl Stadium (1960 - first part of 1971) - The home of the Dallas Cowboys was originally Cotton Bowl Stadium located in Dallas, TX, on the State Fair of Texas fairgrounds. In 1971 the Cowboys opened their season in the Cotton Bowl, but then moved to Texas Stadium. The Cotton bowl is an open-air (uncovered) stadium.

Below: A photo of Cotton Bowl stadium while hosting a college football game.

Cotton Bowl Stadium, original home of the Dallas Cowboys football team

Image Attribution: Photo taken by Elaine Mesker-Garcia of Flickr [CC BY 2.0
(], via Wikimedia Commons. Image was cropped.


2) Texas Stadium (1971 - 2008) - During the 1971 season the home of the Dallas Cowboys was moved to Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas, just northwest of Dallas.

Texas Stadium was famous for its roof, which was supposed to be retractable and therefore able to open and close as weather conditions warranted. However, things didn't go as planned and the roof wound up being partially, but permanently open, covering only part of the interior of the stadium: While most of the seats were covered, the playing field was not.

D. D. Lewis (linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys starting in the late 1960s through 1981) was famously quoted as saying: "Texas Stadium has a hole in its roof so God can watch His favorite team play." The Cowboys moved out of Texas Stadium after the 2008 season and it was demolished in 2010.

Below: A 2006 aerial view of Texas Stadium before its demolition in 2010. Its famous partially-open roof can be easily seen.

Aerial view of Texas Stadium, former home of the Dallas Cowboys

Photograph by NASA. Public domain image.


3) AT&T Stadium (2009 - present) - In 2009 the Cowboys home became AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, 20 miles west of downtown Dallas. When it orignally opened the new facility was known as Cowboys Stadium, but in 2013 AT&T purchased the naming rights and it has been officially knows as AT&T Stadium since.

Below: An interior photo of AT&T stadium with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders on the big screen and the Dallas Cowboys logo (star) in the center of the football field.

An interior view of AT&T stadium, home of football's Dallas Cowboys

Public domain image.


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