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Blended Frozen Bananas

For some wonderful reason, when frozen bananas are blended they turn into a thick, creamy, silky smooth delight. Their consistency is similar to frozen yogurt or ice cream, but without all the fat, sugar, or calories.

At right: A bowl of blended frozen bananas.

Blended frozen bananas

Blended Frozen Banana Ingredients

Makes 1 serving.



  1. Place the frozen banana pieces into a blender or food processor. Blend until you see that their texture has turned smooth and creamy.

Everyone's blender or food processor is different; if you need to, start out with a few pulses on a slow speed then gradually build up to longer times on higher speeds. If necessary, scrape down the sides of the container when needed. Frozen bananas are very hard; if your blender or food processor won't crush ice, it may not be suitable to blend bananas. Bananas that have been frozen for a couple of hours are easier to blend than bananas that have been frozen for a day or longer.

Blended Frozen Banana Photos

Banana chunks, ready to freeze

Four bananas, cut into pieces and ready to freeze.

Frozen bananas pieces in a blender

Two frozen bananas ready to be blended.

Frozen bananas after being blended

The same two frozen bananas in the photo above, after blending. These bananas had been frozen approximately two hours and blended into a "soft serve ice cream" type of texture.

Blended frozen bananas ready to eat

Two blended frozen bananas that are smooth, creamy, and ready to eat.

Flavor Variations

The flavor variations for blended frozen bananas are almost endless. While you really don't need to add anything to them because they're great by themselves, you can throw in other ingredients for a little variety. Chocolate of any kind (chips, chunks, powder, syrup, you name it) is really good. So are strawberries, peaches, or just about any other fruit of your choice. You'll need to experiment with the amounts; you want enough of the other ingredient to add the flavor you're after, but not so much that it detracts from the thick, smooth, consistency of the frozen bananas.

Frozen bananas about to be blended with chocolate chunks

This is two frozen bananas about to be blended with chunks of dark chocolate. After the photo was taken four more pieces of chocolate were added. While the bananas taste great by themselves......

Blended frozen bananas with chocolate chunks

......adding the chocolate is also really good. Yum.

Banana Ripeness and Blended Frozen Bananas

As you can probably guess, how ripe the bananas are when you freeze them has a lot to do with how strong the banana flavor is when you blend them. If the bananas are ripe (with a few black spots on them) when you freeze them the banana flavor will be fairly mild. If the bananas are very ripe (with lots of big, black spots on them) the banana flavor will be stronger.

So, if you're not all that fond of bananas you might try freezing ripe bananas and blending them with a little something else (chocolate, strawberries, etc.) to help cover the mild banana flavor. But if you're a big fan of bananas, freeze them when they're very ripe to get the strongest banana flavor when you blend them.


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